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Surya Puja

Surya Puja

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Who is lord Surya?

Lord Surya is the god of the sun in Hinduism. He is widely revered and worshipped. He is known to be benevolent and very bright. Lord Surya is known to be the protection of the earthly reign.

What are the benefits?

Surya puja can bring you immense luck and prosperity. It is known that he can also drive away misfortune with his brilliance. He drives in a chariot of seven horses which signifies the seven colours of the light spectrum.

 What are the rituals?

His puja is crucial for cleansing the dark and negative aura in your life. He signifies the brilliance of the sunlight and he governs the light in this world. If you wish to appease him, make sure to do Surya Pranam every day and do a ritualistic puja accordingly.

What to expect?

If you need assistance, we shall provide you with the finest astrologer with astute experience to help you with your puja. You shall be informed beforehand in detail about how to be ready for it.

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