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Shani Puja

Shani Puja

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What is Shani Puja?

The planet Saturn is very powerful and influential, and when it is aligned in an unfavourable position in one’s chart, they have to go through Saturn’s curses and face many issues in their entire life. However, doing Shani Puja can really help to diminish such effects, help in redeeming a person from their ill deeds in a past life and help to gain financial stability and good social status. 

When is the auspicious time to perform Shani Puja?

The most auspicious day to do Shani Puja is Shani Jayanti. This day falls on the month of Jyeshtha every month, which is the month of May-June according to the English calendar. Thus, this is the best day to perform Shani Puja. 

Who is Shani Dev?

Shani Dev or Shani is a Hindu God, who is a part of the Navagraha, or the nine celestial figurines in Hindu Astrology. He is named so because Saturday is linked with him. He is a shadowy figure but also, but he is often misunderstood. If you are devoted and can please him, his benevolence will be bestowed on you, and you will be blessed with everlasting fortune. 

Is Shani Puja really effective?

Yes, Shani Puja is very effective and it helps an individual in removing the malefic effects of Shani, and this puja also helps to bring in financial stability and protection from the evil eye effect.  Our priests are trained professionals, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Feel free to contact us, if you want to avail this service. 

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