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Sarva Mangal Puja

Sarva Mangal Puja

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What is Sarva Mangal Puja?

Life is not a series of only good incidents, and not always an individual feels powerful. There are times when an individual can feel weak or might go through a rough patch. In times like this, doing a Sarva Mangal puja can really help. It worships Goddess Durga, the deity and embodiment of power. She is benevolent and she blesses her devotees with everlasting wealth, happiness and prosperity. 

When is the auspicious time to perform Sarva Mangal Puja?

The day Durga Ashtami is considered to be the most auspicious day to perform Sarva Mangal Puja. Our priests will guide you through the procedures to perform this puja. 

What are the benefits of Sarva Mangal Puja?

Sarva Mangal Puja helps an individual to fight their inner demons or external forces that are weighing them down. There can be circumstances when an individual might feel really lost because they don’t know what to do anymore. Durga Maa helps a lot in situations like this and Sarva Mangal Puja is the most effective in times like these. 

Is Sarva Mangal Puja really effective?

Yes, Sarva Mangal Puja is very effective and it helps an individual to stand strong against their enemies and win the battles that they have with themselves. Our priests are trained professionals, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Feel free to contact us, if you want to avail this service. 

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