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Grahan Dosh Puja

Grahan Dosh Puja

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What is Grahan Dosh Puja?

At times, people go through a rough patch in their life, and that is when they start feeling hopeless. Grahan Dosh Puja can be extremely effective in situations like this. This puja helps to strengthen the life force which is driven by the energy of the Sun Lord. It also helps to remove the malefic effects of Surya grahan. This puja brings stability, and prosperity and restores peace in one’s life. 

When is the auspicious time to perform Grahan Dosh Puja?

Generally, the date and time for the Grahan Dosh puja are fixed on the basis of the name, date of birth and nakshatra of the individual. Our priests will guide you about the auspicious muhurat to do the Grahan Dosh Puja. 

What happens when you have Grahan dosha?

Grahan dosha usually affects people who are born on the day of grahan or eclipse. The malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu always bring the person down and that is why it is important to perform this puja to remove these ill effects, which a person has to bear for their entire life otherwise. 

Is Grahan Dosh Puja really effective?

Yes, Grahan Dosh Puja is very effective and it helps an individual in removing the malefic effects of Surya Grahan, and this puja also helps to bring in the flow of positive energy and stability. Our priests are trained professionals, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Feel free to contact us, if you want to avail this service.

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