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Budh Puja

Budh Puja

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What is Budh puja?

Budh puja or mercury worship is the worship dedicated to lord Ganesha and lord Budh. They are known as siddhidata.

What are the benefits?

The puja will make your dreams prosper and bring you out of an idyllic phase. You will be connected to reality and you will understand the value of things. You will hold them, dear, near and learn the need to be realistic. This will bring good sense into you and the puja will make you ready for your next life. This is a puja that can also salvage your business relationships and reputation. It is known to bring popularity and precision. This puja will surely ensure that. Budh puja is mostly done on Wednesdays, the day of lord Budh but it can be done according to the Hindu calendar.

What to expect?

If you wish for assistance then do contact us as we will provide you with an experienced astrologer who will guide you in the right direction. They will ask you the necessary questions and provide you with the right information.

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