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Rahu Grahan Puja

Rahu Grahan Puja

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What is Rahu Puja?

Rahu is often considered a shadowy and dark figure, but if you are devoted enough and perform the puja dedicatedly, you will be endowed and blessed by the benevolent Rahu, who will help you to establish your power and strengthen your influence. This puja is also very beneficial when you want to defeat your rivals or teach them a harmless lesson. 

When is the auspicious time to perform Rahu Puja?

It is a custom to start the Rahu Puja on a Saturday and wrap it up on a Saturday itself because it is the day which is dedicated to Lord Rahu. Our priests will guide you about the auspicious muhurat to do the Rahu Puja. 

What happens when you have Rahu dosha?

This dosha makes the person extremely lazy and they tend to sloth in everything. They never get any work done and this slows them down in their career. Only Rahu Puja can help to remove the ill effects of this dosha. 

Is Rahu Puja really effective?

Yes, Rahu Puja is very effective and it helps an individual in removing the malefic effects of the Rahu Dosha, and also strengthens them mentally and emotionally. Our priests are trained professionals, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Feel free to contact us, if you want to avail this service. 

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