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Mangal Puja

Mangal Puja

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What is Mangal puja?

Mangal puja is one of the most important pujas out there. It brings stability, good health, and happiness to an individual. It can cure all blood-related diseases with ease. It also can lessen the Manglik dosh of an individual.

Why is it beneficial?

It is one the most potent ways of curing Manglik dosh. It helps to bring down the bad effects of Mangal and rejuvenate oneself by appeasing lord Mangal. It brings peace to a marital relationship.

How is it done?

The priests will personally do the ritual with great care and intricacy. It is indeed a tricky ritual with many details which must not go undone. The trusted priest will do it with intricacy. You need to chant along with them.

 Why do you need it?

If you have Mars in any of the 1,2,4,7,8,12th houses then you are Manglik and you need this puja quite immediately.

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